Parafin Treatment

Would you like to find out more about treatments with paraffin? In this category, we present the advantages of this treatment method and offer the right accessories.

The advantages of treatment with paraffin

Paraffin is suitable for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation, sports injuries, joint stiffness as well as dry and chapped hands and feet. A treatment optimally supplies your skin with moisture and nourishing substances and, by the way, the resulting heat also alleviates pain. The accumulated heat generated during the application causes the pores to open and the active ingredients can therefore optimally penetrate the skin. The skin becomes smooth and supple and the tissue is ideally supplied with blood. A treatment is especially recommended for people with extremely dry, cracked and chapped skin.

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Questions and answers:

How warm should a paraffin bath be?

The pores open and blood circulation is stimulated. Before use, the hands and the affected joints must be cleaned well. For paraffin treatment, warm the paraffin in a suitable container. to around 40 degrees Celsius, maximum  to a temperature that is still tolerable for you. 40 degrees is a good start for beginners.

How long do you let paraffin work for?

Leave the paraffin on your hands and feet for about 15 minutes. On the body 8 For example back about 20 minutes

Can you use the wax from a paraffin bath several times?

Yes, the paraffin can be used multiple times, e.g. B. 1500 g of paraffin can be used about 25-30 times.