Hair removal creme

Do you prefer a treatment with depilatory cream instead of depilation with wax? In this category you will find high quality depilatory creams for him and her.

Advantages of depilation with depilatory cream

In contrast to treatment with wax, depilation with depilatory cream is completely painless. The skin is simply moistened with water, the cream is applied to the area to be depilated and can simply be washed off after a few minutes. As a rule, the skin is not irritated or irritated, but the hair and its roots are not removed. Depilatory creams therefore have to be used regularly, but the depilation is very slow and the application is very easy. Once again you benefit from our attractive bulk prices when you order several products at the same time.

High quality creams with skin-friendly active ingredients

DEEPLINE creams are branded products that have been developed by experts. The creams are odorless or have a subtle scent. Depilatory cream can also be used in sensitive areas (and also in the genital area), as the hair can be removed without pain, skin irritation and irritation. The cream is not removed with a fleece strip or a spatula, but simply rubbed off with warm water in circular movements.


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Do you ever know that?

For the hardening of suikeren heb je naast de warm was of suikerpasta altijd geschikte vliesstripsnodig >. For studio's of regular use this is the zinc volume from high-quality fleece rolls that are used.

Here we want our grandchildren to ask questions about fleece rolls.
If you still have information about one of the products, you need to contact us at the Klantencentre. Wij advisers and graag over the onderwerp ontharing. When you have a specific product, the item number (item number) is available from other manufacturers.

How do you use the fleece in the right manner?

Nadat je de warm was of suikerpasta op de te ontharen lichaamsdelen hefts aappropriate, druk je a strook fleece stevig op de was of suikerpasta in the direction of the hairgroei. Houd follow the huid strak and trek de strip snel and tegen de hairgroeirichting in.

Thanks to the fleece rolls, you can easily get the fleece strokes to the ideal length and the clips for you to use. This means that each of these can be made available in the light can be prepared and fully verified. As an alternative, you can use the fleece roller for a pre-performed fleece, and the fleece strokes can be used in different areas. With an 85 m long fleece roll ontvangt and gemakkelijk Ruim 350 pieces à 22 cm.

What information can you get about the material and the fleece rolls?

One fleece rolls are made of high-quality cellulose and cotton fleece of the highest quality. This means that the fleece strokes are comfortable and the epilation is easy to use.

For detailed product information, please refer to the description on the individual product pages of each product. Here you will find and other details about the interior, the lever (links to the function "Vraag over the article") and the afmetingen of the relevant products.

Word the fleece film is always used in professional studios?

In the professional studio's the epilers with warm was of suikerpasta's were used, fleece rolls were used. The fleece roll is really good for the thuisgebruik and the ontharing gemakkelijk thuis uitvoeren.