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Sie setzen bei der Haarentfernung auf Heißwachs und Brazilian Waxing? Dann wird Sie diese Kategorie begeistern.


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Heißwachs ( Anwendung ohne Vliesstreifen )...

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Waxing ist eine der bekanntesten Methoden der Haarentfernung...

Warm Wax

All Catridges are for 100ml Wax heaters

wax cartridges

Die Epilation mit Warmwachs ist eine der erfolgversprechendsten...

Wax cartridges water soluble

Wasserlösliche Wachspatronen bieten eine revolutionäre...

With the right products for hair-free and delicate skin

You will find a wide range of different products in the area of hot wax and Brazilian waxing - from practical wax blocks to microwave-safe wax to soothing wax beads. Let yourself be surprised by the favorable price conditions for our waxing products - here you can achieve outstanding results in hair removal with little money.

Make your decision based on your individual needs!

There are no limits to your imagination when choosing the right hot wax for Brazilian waxing. Do you have wax beads in mind in a delicate pink? Then you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here. Would you prefer hot wax with exquisite honey? Even then, you are guaranteed to get your money's worth in this category.

It's that easy to find the perfect hot wax

Would you like to search specifically for a product? Then you have the opportunity here to refine your search according to specific criteria. From the descending or ascending price to the manufacturer and the product name. Also take a look at our top sellers and discover which hot wax has already impressed other customers!

Real Brazilian waxing experts are at your side here

Of course, we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about Brazilian waxing. Contact us conveniently via the customer hotline or describe your concerns to us by email. From the exact mode of action of the hot wax to application tips to formalities such as payment processing - nothing remains unexplained here.