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warm wax & roll-on wax cartridge


Treatment with warm wax is quick and effective. The good thing about it: The wax is not only available in cartridges, also in practical cans!

Practical and handy: hot wax in cans

Working with hot wax in cans is just as quick and effective as heating wax cartridges. With many types of wax, a wax heater is not necessary, because many waxes can easily be heated in a water bath or in the microwave. The application is carried out as usual: Warm the wax to the desired temperature until it is liquid. Then spread it on the areas of skin to be depilated. With the help of fleece strips, which we also have in stock for you, the wax, including the hair and hair roots, can be removed quickly and precisely.

Large selection of well-known brands of wax

The manufacturers RICA, SUNZZE, ARCOCERE stand for excellent products of top quality. The warm wax products of these brands have exclusive, high-quality ingredients that range from coconut extracts, beeswax and lemon to natural oils and fructose. Since the types of wax have an extremely pleasant smell, depilation with warm wax with these types of wax is a real pleasure!

Which wax is right for you?

If you are spoiled for choice and just can't make up your mind, or if you want advice, we are at your disposal from Monday to Friday with our customer hotline. You can always reach us on these working days between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Test the colorful variety of warm wax!

We invite you to browse our category - because you are sure to find your new favorite wax here too!

roll-on wax cartridges

Do you prefer depilation with wax cartridges? Then get your favorite wax here!

The most effective type of hair removal

Depilation with warm or hot wax is and remains the most effective type of hair removal. Wax cartridges are supplied as standard. offered in packs of 100 ml, which are sufficient for one treatment each. The wax is heated with the help of wax warmers and can then be applied as usual to the parts of the body to be depilated. You can see here how diverse and colorful our selection of wax cartridges is - because with this wax, depilation is a real pleasure!

Not all wax is created equal ...

... because there are significant qualitative differences. We have put together a selection of the best and most popular warm and hot waxes from well-known manufacturers for you. No matter what taste you are looking for, you will find it here: We offer our wax cartridges in the variants coconut, honey, rose, lemon, red fruits, orange, banana, cappuccino and other great aromas as well Natural and organic variants. Simply choose your favorite fragrance and enjoy the wonderful waxy smell during use.

This wax cartridge is the right one

As a rule, all 100 ml wax cartridges are compatible with the wax warmers that we offer in our shop. If you should still have any questions, we would be happy to advise you via our competent customer hotline. You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Discover the colorful variety of wax cartridges!

Step into the colorful world of wax cartridges and find your new favorite wax in your favorite scent!

High-quality branded wax cartridges from Sunzze and Italwax; why at Tara-Cosmetics?

Are you looking for high quality wax cartridges for the commercial or private sector? We only carry high-quality cartridges that are also suitable for professional use. Get to know our range of wax cartridges now. We are number 1 in Germany when it comes to wax-based depilatory products. When it comes to cartridges, we only have quality products from Sunzze and Italwachs. We are sure that you will find your favorite wax with us. The wax cartridges meet different requirements in terms of fragrances such as honey or chocolate.

Waxing should be a particularly pleasant and comfortable depilation experience. This is especially important if you treat your own customers with these products. It depends on the composition, the texture, the ease of processing and the quality of the entire product. We have been specializing in waxing products for a while. From the beginning we have attached great importance to the highest quality. We do not want to import cheap products from the Far East. Our products are made in the EU. In addition, we would like to have specific product properties such as a creamy texture for our customers. These properties distinguish the wax cartridges in our range. We want to offer our customers a convincing price-performance ratio.

Benefit from various advantages at Tara-Cosmetics

When you buy wax cartridges from us, you benefit from

  • a fast, reliable delivery
  • of discounts and customer benefits
  • special offers as a commercial customer
  • A large selection of branded wax cartridges


Why do we prefer Sunzze?

We are convinced of the Sunzze brand ourselves. This leading brand has never disappointed us. The wax cartridges of our brand are wonderful to use, and our customers enjoy the choice of different fragrances and colors.

Why do we want to offer such a wide range of cartridges?

The tastes are different when it comes to colors and scents. In the professional sector in particular, waxing is primarily intended as a wellness experience. The colors and scents support a pleasant application. In addition, variety is guaranteed. The colors and fragrances arouse the curiosity of customers.

Why do many professionals buy wax cartridges from Tara-Cosmetics?

This is not just about the quality of our products. You will also find discounts, advantages for new customers and much more. A safe, reliable and as fast as possible delivery is guaranteed at all times. Wax cartridges in particular are consumable items that are needed again and again. Here we are a reliable partner to our customers. You trust the high quality, which always remains the same.

What other advantages does our shop offer?

Our customers benefit from further advantages and the large range of additional waxing products. When it comes to waxing, you get everything from a single source. New customers receive a 10% new customer discount. We also keep making special offers to regular customers.