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Did you know?

Epilation with warm wax is one of the best-known methods for long-lasting hair removal. However, since it is often perceived as slightly painful, those interested often express concerns about using this method at home. In order to counteract these concerns, we would like to take the opportunity to answer a few important questions about the use of our warm wax products.

If you have any further questions about our products, please contact our customer center. We look forward to advising you on all aspects of epilation.

What should you pay attention to when using warm wax products?

Before you start epilating your body with warm wax, you should make sure that the wax in question suits your skin type. In principle, epilation with warm wax is suitable for all skin types, but if you have particularly sensitive skin, you should use a product specifically designed for sensitive skin.

For optimal results, you should also make sure to choose a warm wax that is suitable for hair removal in the respective body region. Due to their ingredients and consistencies, some waxes are better suited to depilating certain regions than others. In particular, if you would like to remove hair from sensitive areas such as the face or intimate area, please check in advance whether your warm wax is suitable for this.

Finally, please note that there is always a risk of burns when using warm wax. Before you apply the warmed wax to the skin, you should always allow it to cool down slightly.

How do you use warm wax roll-ons correctly?

If you would like to use roll-on wax for hair removal, first warm the wax cartridge in the wax warmer and prepare the area of the body to be depilated by cleaning it and removing grease and oil. Remove any residue.

Before you start epilating, you should also test the wax temperature. To do this, you can apply some wax from the heated cartridge to an epilator strip. If the temperature is right, apply the wax to the desired part of the body in the direction of hair growth and then press a fleece or epilator strip firmly onto the area. After a few seconds, pull off the strip with quick, jerky movements against the direction of hair growth.

How do you use warm wax from a can correctly?

In order to use warm wax products from a can for hair removal, they must first be heated in a water bath or microwave. Please refer to the product description for the respective temperature. You should also clean your skin and remove grease and oil residues. You can then apply the warm wax with a spatula to the area of the body to be depilated and allow it to harden for four to ten seconds. Depending on the product, you can either use fleece strips or peel off the cooled wax directly by hand.

In any case, the movement should be carried out quickly and jerkily to ensure that the hair is removed correctly and at its root.

What is the difference between warm wax and cold wax applications?

The most central difference between a warm wax and a cold wax application is - as the name suggests - that the wax is used cold in cold wax applications. It already adheres to so-called cold wax strips and can be used without prior warming. Before using warm wax, the wax must first be warmed up. For classic warm wax from a can you usually use a water bath or a microwave, while for wax cartridges (roll-on wax) special wax warmers are available.

As the warm wax must first be prepared before depilation, this method is a little more complex, but at the same time the heat ensures that the pores in the skin slowly open. This means that the area of the body to be depilated is better prepared for depilation, which means that hair removal with warm wax is somewhat gentler and less painful than hair removal with cold wax.