Sugaring ist eine nachhaltige Methode zur Haarentfernung, die insbesondere im orientalischen Raum bereits seit mehreren Jahrhunderten angewandt wird und sich auch in unsere hiesigen Kosmetikstudios immer mehr an Beliebtheit erfreut.

Sanft und hautschonend: Beim Sugaring wird eine Zuckerpaste zur Haarentfernung verwendet, die nach dem Auftragen in Haarwuchsrichtung abgezogen wird. Dadurch ist das Sugaring nicht nur deutlich hautschonender und weniger schmerzhaft als klassisches Waxing, es ist durch die Entfernung der Haare samt Haarwurzel auch langanhaltender. Zudem ist das Entstehen von Pickelchen und Rötungen nach dem Sugaring deutlich geringer als nach dem klassischen Waxing. Damit ist das Sugaring eine ideale Alternative für alle, die sich nachhaltig glatte Körperpartien ohne störende Hautirritationen wünschen.

Sugaring Pasten können am gesamten Körper angewandt werden, um punktgenau das Haar zu entfernen. Anders als Wachsstreifen lassen sich die Zuckerpasten individuell portionieren und flexibel auf die gewünschte Körperregion auftragen, sodass sie sich für die Enthaarung des Gesichts und der Achseln genauso gut eignen wie zur Enthaarung der Beine, der Füße und der Bikinizone.

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Sugar Wax strip use

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Did you know?

Sugaring is one of the oldest methods of hair removal and is now offered in many cosmetic studios, but so far only comparatively few people have used this natural hair removal method on themselves. We would therefore like to take the opportunity to answer a few important questions about the use of our sugar pastes.

If you have any further questions about a product, please feel free to contact our customer center. We look forward to advising you on all aspects of sugaring.

What do you have to consider before sugaring?

Before sugaring, you should make sure to prepare the area of the body to be depilated for hair removal. This primarily means that the body area should not be epilated or shaved for about a week before sugaring so that the hair is long enough to be removed during sugaring. It is said that the hair for sugaring should be between 3 and 5 mm long.

In addition, if possible, no peeling should be carried out on the part of the body to be depilated in the days before sugaring and intensive sunbathing and use of the solarium are also not recommended in the days before sugaring. Finally, on the day of application, skin creams, care lotions and self-tanners should be avoided in the corresponding part of the body in order to achieve optimal results.

How do you use a sugaring paste correctly?

Before applying the actual sugaring paste, the body parts to be depilated must first be cleaned and dried. Only then can the paste be applied to the skin with a spatula or with your hands. Depending on the paste, it may need to be warmed to room temperature beforehand or kneaded until soft by hand. We therefore recommend reading the product description of the respective sugar paste carefully before sugaring.

If the skin is prepared accordingly, the paste is applied against the direction of hair growth on the body parts to be depilated and then removed directly in the direction of hair growth. For example, a piece of fleece can be used for this. By removing the sugar paste in the direction of hair growth, significantly less hair breaks off than with classic waxing, which makes sugaring more sustainable.

More detailed information can of course also be found in the respective product description or package insert. All information about our products (item number, price, delivery times, etc.) can be found on the respective product page.

How often do I have to use a sugar paste?

Regular sugaring can achieve long-lasting, smooth skin. How regularly hair removal with sugar paste needs to be repeated obviously depends on the individual hair growth, but in principle it is said that there should generally be four weeks between two sugaring applications .

In some cases, however, it is worthwhile to carry out sugaring again after just three weeks. Due to this somewhat tighter rhythm, you can observe over time that hair growth decreases in some areas of the body that are regularly depilated. Here, the skin stays smooth for longer through regular sugaring, so that in the long term you have to use sugar paste less often.

Is sugaring suitable for everyone?

Sugaring is a relatively gentle method of hair removal that can be used not only for hair removal on all parts of the body, but also for hair removal on all skin types. Unlike classic waxing, sugaring is also a suitable type of hair removal for people with more sensitive skin.

Because many sugar pastes consist only of sugar, water and lemon juice, the paste can also be used on people whose skin is sensitive to artificial fragrances or ingredients.

Only people who suffer from existing skin diseases or damage should not simply use sugar paste. For example, if you suffer from neurodermatitis or have a particularly large number of scars in one part of your body, we recommend that you consult with a dermatologist or a professional before hair removal about which hair removal options are suitable for you. to avoid additional skin irritation.