Terrycloth shoes for paraffin bath 1 piece

Terrycloth shoes for paraffin bath 1 piece

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Questions and answers:

How warm should a paraffin bath be?

The pores open and blood circulation is stimulated. Before use, the hands and the affected joints must be cleaned well. For paraffin treatment, warm the paraffin in a suitable container. to around 40 degrees Celsius, maximum  to a temperature that is still tolerable for you. 40 degrees is a good start for beginners.

How long do you let paraffin work for?

Leave the paraffin on your hands and feet for about 15 minutes. On the body 8 For example back about 20 minutes

Can you use the wax from a paraffin bath several times?

Yes, the paraffin can be used multiple times, e.g. B. 1500 g of paraffin can be used about 25-30 times.