Waxing Spunlace strips 300 pack

Professional fleece strips help with professional depilation. This quality strip is reliable!

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Did you know?

Fleece strips have been one of the tried and tested methods of hair removal for some time, but new users are always discovering this method of hair removal for themselves. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to answer a few frequently asked questions about our fleece strips.

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What different types of fleece strips (also: fleece strips) are there?

There are different types of non-woven strips, with one of the most important differences being between "woven" and "non-woven" strips. The woven version is particularly popular in South America and is more flexible than the "non-woven" version due to the structure of the weaving pattern. However, the open structure of the "woven" version also has the disadvantage that the liquid wax can get through the strip more quickly.

If you are looking for the right fleece strips for your own hair removal or for professional use, we recommend that you choose strips with a slightly open structure in order to use them flexibly, but at the same time allow them to pass through of wax. You should also make sure that the strips are strong and tear-resistant and also feel good on the skin. Of course, we make sure that all products in our shop meet these requirements.

What is the difference between wax strips and fleece strips?

In addition to fleece strips, so-called wax strips are also a popular product for hair removal with wax. For example, many drugstores already offer their own brand products. These are usually paper strips that are coated with a special wax mixture.

A central difference is that depilation with wax strips (also: cold wax strips) is carried out with cold wax, while fleece strips are used for treatment with warm wax (alternatively: hot wax or sugar paste). . In addition, the results of depilation with warm wax are significantly better in many areas of the body than the results of cold wax depilation, which is not least due to the quality of the flexible fleece strips.

How many fleece strips do I need for hair removal?

How many fleece strips are necessary for hair removal depends on various factors: First of all, of course, it depends on which part of the body you want to remove hair from. So you need significantly fewer stripes for the face than for the legs. The dimensions of the fleece strips also play a crucial role. If you use smaller strips, you may need more strips than if you use larger strips. Finally, experience with the hair removal method also plays a role. Experienced and professional users often need fewer strips than first-time users.

Our products are available in pack sizes of 50, 100 or 300 pieces as well as in the usual dimensions (7x20cm and 8x22cm).