Fleece rol by SUNZZE 100 m x 7 cm, 85 g

Depilating your legs quickly, cleanly and from your home!

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Did you know?

To carry out waxing or sugaring, in addition to the warm wax or sugar paste, you always need suitable fleece strips. Particularly for studios or for regular use at home, it makes sense to use high-quality fleece rolls.

In the following we would like to answer a few common questions about fleece rolls.
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How do you use the fleece roll correctly?

After you have applied the warm wax or sugar paste to the body parts to be depilated, press a strip of fleece firmly onto the wax or sugar paste in the direction of hair growth. Then hold the skin taut and pull off the strip quickly and in the opposite direction to the hair growth.

Thanks to our fleece rolls, you have the opportunity to cut fleece strips to the ideal length for your hair removal. This means that even hard-to-reach areas of the body can be reached and completely removed. Alternatively, you can choose a pre-perforated fleece roll so that you can easily remove your fleece strips from the roll without using scissors. With our 85 m long fleece roll you can conveniently receive over 350 pieces à 22 cm.

Where can I find information about the material and width of the fleece rolls?

Our fleece rolls are made of high-quality cellulose and cotton fleece of the highest quality. This means that the fleece strips nestle comfortably against the skin to be depilated.

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Is the fleece roll only used in professional studios?

In many professional studios that offer epilations with warm wax or sugar pastes, fleece rolls are used. However, you can also use the fleece roll for home use and carry out hair removal conveniently at home.