Tips with which you are optimally...

waxing tips


Tips with which you are optimally prepared for your next waxing


1. Wax in the Waxing Studio
Even if it is difficult: do without any type of hair removal before your next visit to the studio. A hair length of 3-4 millimeters is optimal so that the wax adheres to all hairs and can grab them by the roots. That means: 2-3 weeks before hand away from razor and  Depilatory cream.

2. Trim long hair
If the hair is longer than 3 centimetres, please shorten it beforehand. This makes waxing easier, reduces the pain factor, optimizes the result and prevents the hair from breaking off during waxing.

3. Stay hydrated!
Keep your skin hydrated on a regular basis by pampering it with the right care and drinking enough water. If the skin is too dry, there is a risk that it will tear open and become even more irritated.
Glasses with water and slices of orange

4. Exfoliation intimate area
A regular and gentle peeling removes dead skin cells, frees the pores and regrowing hair finds its way to the surface. 1-2 times a week is optimal.

5. Absolutely no waxing
In the case of injuries, wounds and redness, you should avoid waxing and let the skin heal first. Scars should be at least 6 months old before they can be waxed again.

6. Clean skin before visiting the studio
Like brushing your teeth before your dentist appointment, clean skin is a must before waxing. Means: do without greasy body lotion, jump under the shower to remove cream and oil residues, and ideally use a gentle peeling – so the wax has the best grip.

7. Waxing during your period?
Technically no problem as long as a fresh tampon is used. However, due to the increased hormone levels during the period, the skin can be very sensitive and the sensation of pain can be higher. Many women are less sensitive to pain around ovulation.

8. Afraid of pain?
Lack of sleep and stress can also affect the perception of pain. It's best to wax on a relaxing day or a day off and not stressed after work. Maybe you feel better with your favorite music or a podcast on your ears (our tips: Herrengedeck and Hotel Matze) or a nice chat with the Depiladora. Mach’ definitely stay away from aspirin and alcohol &nd; both have a blood-thinning effect and can lead to bruises!

9. Sweating is normal
Many people sweat during the waxing treatment. This is a completely normal reaction of the body and shouldn't make you uncomfortable.

10. Wear comfortable clothing
Tight-fitting clothing can irritate newly waxed skin. It is better to opt for looser items such as sweatpants and soft, breathable materials than functional clothing that does not scratch and chafe. Cotton underwear without lace is ideal after intimate waxing.